Wire Die Blanks

WWSA’s highly specialized technique of using a multi-modal diamond while tightly controlling the average particle spread offers a uniquely sintered polycrystalline diamond wire die blank. WWDB product provides an excellent surface finish while maximizing die life for all wire drawing applications.

Grade Toughness & Die Life Comparison


How to Select Die Blank

WWDB = Worldwide Wire Die Blank (WWSA product identifier)
18 = D18 (ADDMA Standard size)
05 = 5 micron (Diamond average particle size)
CS = Carbide Supported (Type of PCD die blank)

Select your Series

Series Support Ring Aplications
S Self Supported General purpose wire drawing applications
TS Self Supported Thermally Stable High temperature mounting and drawing applications
CS Carbide Supported Hard wire drawing application, support ring added for additional die strength