Knowledge and understanding of particle shape as well as size are essential to the development and control of WWSA’s diamond and cBN products. The Microtrac S3500 SI particle characterization system provides high quality, statistically significant particle size and shape information.

This combination of hardware and software in a single integrated package provides a high level of automation and validation of results.

Particle size distribution (PSD) and shape characterization are critical product measurements for applications that demand specific surface finish and removal rate in which the Microtrac S3500SI delivers reliable, repeatable and validated results in minutes.

  • By utilizing dynamic imaging, size, and shape analysis, users can quickly characterize complicated wet samples in shorter amounts of time versus other methods of measurement
  • 15 images per second allow users to capture a complete picture of the sample being measured.
  • Full frame camera ensures clear images and both high and low concentrations
  • Utilizing stroboscopic LED lights provides superior image clarity