Cutting Tool Blanks

WWSA’s PCBN is offered in two styles:

  1. WBNC which is carbide supported.
  2. WBNS which is a solid PCBN.

Both PCBN styles offer grades to cover a wide variety of hardened steels, super alloy, sintered powdered metals and grey and hard iron machining applications. The WBNC product line is comprised of a polycrystalline CBN layer supported by a cemented tungsten carbide substrate bonded together as a single blank by HPHT process. WBNS is our solid PCBN that is offered in several grades and shaped geometries that are second to none.



WPCD is a highly engineered polycrystalline diamond product.

It has been continually developed to offer excellent diamond to diamond bonding. This maximizes product performance across a wide variety of grades and allows targeting specific applications.

WPCD is produced with finely graded synthetic diamond crystals bonded to a tungsten carbide support layer. Where needed, WPCD offers a tight diamond particle size distribution (PSD) as well as our “S” style, which offers is a multi-modal product. The “S” style is a unique combination of finely graded particles with medium to coarse particles giving the product a fine finish while offering a longer tool life.

Select your Type

Type Description Applications
WBNC Carbide Supported PCBN Machining Hardened Steels, Super Alloys, Cast and Nodular Irons
WBNBS Brazed Tip PCBN Light depth of cut and Finishing Hardened Steels, Super Alloys and various Irons
WBNS Solid PCBN Machining Hardened Steels, Super Alloys, Cast and Nodular Irons
WPCD Polycrystalline Diamond Machining in non-ferrous non--alloy applications

WWSA’s Product Breakdown

Product CBN% Binder Micron Size (A.P.S.) Vickers Hardness (Hv) TRS (ky./mm²) Recommended Applications
WBNC50 50 TiN 1.5 2600-2800 105 High Speed, continuous turn of hardened steels
WBNC60S 60 TiC 1.5 2600-2800 105 High Speed continuous cutting/medium interruption of hardened steels
WBNC70 70 TiN 3 3200-3400 95 Continuous to intermittent cutting of quenched carburized, hardened, tempered, and bearing steels
WBNC80 80 TiN 3 3800-4000 85 Heat resistant alloys and cast iron applications, powdered metals
WBNC90 90 AI MIXED 3900-4000 105 Grey cast iron and ductile iron
WBNC91 91 TiN MIXED 4000-4200 100 Grey cast iron and white cast iron
WBNS60 60 TiN 3 2800-3000 90 Machining of hardened, bearing, and die steels
WBNS85 85 TiN 25 3800-4000 90 Heat resistant alloys and cast iron applications
WBNS85S 85 TiN 8 3700-3900 90 General purpose grade for machining cast iron, offering multi-modal grain structure
WBNS85L 85 TiN 30 3900-4000 90 Rough Machining/Interrupted cutting of chilled/white irons
WBNS90 90 TiN 10 3900-4000 100 High speed turning of gray cast irons and chilled cast irons
WBNS90S 90 Co AI 2 3800-4000 95 Machining high temperature alloys and aerospace materials like Inconel and Ti, powdered metals
WBNS95 95 Co AI 35 3900-4000 100 High speed turning of carbide, chilled cast iron, and white cast iron
WPCD2 2 9000-10,000 225 Plastics, wood, AL, Cu, High/Low SiAl
WPCD5 5 10,000-12,000 200 Cu, fiberglass, carbon, fiberboard, Low SiAl
WPCD5S 5* 10,000-12,000 205 Multi-modal grain structure for superior finish and life, low SiAl, wood, composites
WPCD10 10 10,000-12,000 170 High/Low SiAL, graphite, fiberboard, gray iron bi metals, ceramics
WPCD10S 10* 10,000-12,001 190 High/low SiAl, graphite, fiberboard, gray iron bi metals, ceramics, CFRP, wood
WPCD25 25 10,000-12,000 140 High/low SiAl, graphite, fiberboard, gray iron bi metals, ceramics, CFRP, wood
WPCD45 45 10,000-12,000 110 Extreme abrasion resistance, high SiAl, ceramics, graphite, tungsten carbide, CFRP
*Indicates multi-modal diamond structure. Thicker PCD layers available upon request.

Recommended Applications

Work Piece Material Work Piece condition SFM IPR D.O.C. WWSA Recommendation
Aluminum Alloys 4-8%Si N/A 3000-10000 0.004-0.025 0.120" WPCD2/WPCD5/WPCD10
Aluminum Alloys 9-14%Si N/A 2000-8000 0.004-0.025 0.120" WPCD10/WPCD5S/WPCD10S
Aluminum Alloys 15-18% Si N/A 1000-2300 0.004-0.015 0.120" WPCD10/WPCD25/WPCD10S
Copper Alloy N/A 2800-3300 0.003-0.011 0.120" WPCD5/WPCD5S/WPCD10S
Hard Plastics N/A 2800-3300 0.003-0.014 0.080" WPCD10/WPCD5S/WPCD10S
Wood / Wood Composites N/A 12000-13000 0.004-0.015   WPCD10/WPC10S/WPCD25
Tungsten Carbide N/A 30-70 0.003-0.008 0.030" WPCD45/WPCD10S/WPCD25
Reinforced Plastics N/A 2800-3300 0.015 0.080" WPCD25/WPCD10S/WPCD45
Induction Hardened Steel Continuous 300-700 0.004-0.006 0.020" WBNC60S/WBNS60
Induction Hardened Steel Interrupted (Dry) 300-600 0.004-0.006 0.020" WBNC70/WBNC60S/WBNS60
Carbonized Hardened Steel/ Bearing Steel Continuous 250-600 0.004-0.006 0.020" WBNC60S/WBNS60
Carbonized Hardened Steel/ Bearing Steel Interrupted (Dry) 300-601 0.004-0.006 0.020" WBNC70/WBNC80/WBNS60
Die Steel/High Speed Steel Continuous 150-500 0.004-0.006 0.020" WBNC60S/WBNC50/WBNS85S
Die Steel/High Speed Steel Interrupted (Dry) 150-350 0.004-0.006 0.020" WBNC70/WBNC60S/WBNS85S
Gray Cast Iron Continuous/Interrupted 800-2300 0.004-0.006 0.040" WBNC91/WBNC90/WBNS90
Nodular Cast Iron Continuous/Interrupted 500-1500 0.004-0.006 0.040" WBNC91/WBNS95
Ductile Iron Continuous/Interrupted 300-900 0.004-0.006 0.040" WBNC90/WBNC91/WBNS95
Powdered Metals Continuous/Interrupted 400-1000 0.004-0.006 0.040" WBNC90/WBNC91/WBNS90S
Chilled Cast Iron Continuous/Interrupted 100-350 0.004-0.009 0.040" WBNC91/WBNS85L/WBNS85