WBNC Carbide Back PCBN

The WBNC product line is comprised of a polycrystalline CBN layer supported by a cemented tungsten carbide substrate bonded together as a single blank by HPHT process.


High speed continuous turning of hardened steels with light depth of cut offers high finish.


Precision machining of hardened steel application offers extremely high toughness and excellent finish in continuous to medium interruptions.


Precision machining of hardened steel with medium to heavy interruption.


Roughing and finishing of super alloy materials, and powder metal materials.


Roughing and finishing of grey and ductile iron; Good thermal stability and chip resistance.


Roughing and Finishing of grey, white cast irons and valve seat applications: High thermal stability and extreme hardness for long tool life.

WBNC Carbide Back PCBN

Work Piece Material Work Piece condition SFM IPR D.O.C WWSA Recommendation
Induction Hardened Steel Continuous 300-700 0.004-0.006 0.020" WBNC60S/WBNS60
Induction Hardened Steel Interupted (Dry) 300-600 0.004-0.006 0.020" WBNC70/WBNC60S/WBNS60
Carburized Hardened Steel/ Bearing Steel Continuous 250-600 0.004-0.006 0.020" WBNC60S/WBNS60
Carburized Hardened Steel/ Bearing Steel Interupted (Dry) 300-601 0.004-0.006 0.020" WBNC70/WBNC80/WBNS60
Die Steel/High Speed Steel Continuous 150-500 0.004-0.006 0.020" WBNC60S/WBNC50/WBNS85S
Die Steel/High Speed Steel Interupted (Dry) 150-350 0.004-0.006 0.020" WBNC70/WBNC60S/WBNS85S
Gray Cast Iron Continuous/Interupted 800-2300 0.004-0.006 0.040" WBNC91/WBNC90/WBNS90
Nodular Cast Iron Continuous/Interupted 500-1500 0.004-0.006 0.040" WBNC91/WBNS95
Ductile Iron Continuous/Interupted 300-900 0.004-0.006 0.040" WBNC90/WBNC91/WBNS95
Powder Metals Continuous/Interupted 400-1000 0.004-0.006 0.040" WBNC90/WBNC91/WBNS90S
Chilled Cast Iron Continuous/Interupted 100-350 0.004-0.009 0.040" WBNC91/WBNS85L/WBNS85

WBNC / WBNS Applications