Worldwide Solids WCVD

Worldwide Solids provides its DC arc plasma jet CVD in all custom shapes and sizes. Rectangles, Triangles, Squares, Circles and custom shapes up to 2.0mm thickness. Please send an RFQ for pricing details.

Applications for both S and P grades include multi-point diamond dressing tools, rotary diamond dressing wheels and mini-tip turning tools. Cutting tool applications include hard metal alloys, hard copper and copper alloy, aluminum alloys, other nonferrous materials and plastics.

Testing Performed:
Both S and P grades were tested by removing 1 gram of material from a standard SiC wheel. This test represents the resistance ratio giving the grinding toughness index. WCVD sample size was a 0.8×0.8×4.0mm in both grades. Standard SiC wheel speed was 2200 r/min with a D.O.C. at 0.01mm with a total depth of cut at 2mm. Please reference chart below.

Grade Parameter Comparisons

Item S P
Vickers-Hardness (kg/mm²) 10000 10000
Density (g/cm3) 3.52 3.52
Young's Module (GPa) 1100 1100
Thermal Conductivity (w/cm.k) 15 15
Bending Strenght (MPa) (0.5mm Thickness) 300-600 300-600
Thermal Stability 8000C 8000C
Wear Resistance Ratio (Ten Thousand) 36.1 - 57.4 57.5 - 88.2


Both grades are manufactured by a DC arc plasma jet system, which gives you higher purity polycrystalline diamond structure with no metallic or non-metallic agglomerates. Plasma jet CVD materials are yellowish green in appearance and translucent. WCVD-S offers thermal conductivity and high wear resistance needed for general purpose applications. WCVD-P grade offers, high thermal conductivity, extremely high abrasion resistance and good transmission making it an ideal grade for the most difficult applications.