WPCD Polycrystalline Diamond

WPCD is a highly engineered polycrystalline diamond (PCD) product that has been continually developed to offer excellent diamond to diamond bonding. This maximizes product performance across a wide variety of grades and allows targeting specific applications. WPCD is produced with finely graded synthetic diamond crystals bonded to a tungsten carbide support layer. Where needed, WPCD offers a tight diamond particle size distribution (PSD) as well as our “S” style, which offers is a multi-modal product. The “S” style is a unique combination of finely graded particles with medium to coarse particles giving the product a fine finish while offering a longer tool life.


Sintered with sub-micron diamond particles averaging 2µum, making it the toughest diamond grade offered by WWSA. WPCD2 has a unique combination of high toughness while giving extremely high finish, which makes this grade ideal for applications that require tools for high precision machining.


Has a fine diamond grain particle size allowing excellent tool edge sharpness and ease of tool fabrication. WPCD5 offers high finish with a good balance of wear resistance making this a nice intermediate grade between extremely high finish and extremely high wear.


A unique multi-modal PCD in the WWSA S series. This 5uµm (aps) multi-modal grain structure offers excellent sharpness on wire EDM tool edge finishes. WPCD5S offers you sub-micron type high finish with an increased wear resistance much like a coarser PCD. WPCD5S is a great option for an intermediate grade offering high work piece finish with excellent tool life.


Is a true workhorse of the WWSA PCD product offering. This grade has an average particle size of 10µum, making this ideal for a wide variety of applications where high wear resistance and high toughness is necessary. This multi-purpose grade offers ease of tool fabrication and consistent wire EDM processing.


A unique multi-modal 10uµm (aps) diamond mixture that offers the same applications as WPCD10 but with higher diamond toughness for interruptions, higher tool edge quality and CFRP.


Ideal material for extreme tool life and abrasive applications where a hard PCD diamond is needed. This grade offers excellent diamond to diamond bonding with over 90% diamond content while maintaining 25uµm (aps). Recommended for <14% silicon aluminum alloys, aluminum, gray iron bi metals, sintered ceramics, graphite, carbides, wood composite applications and CFRP.


Sintered with extremely large diamond crystals that average 45um with an extreme tool life and is wire EDM friendly. Recommended for applications including CFRP, <14% Si Al, graphite, ceramics, carbides and wood laminates.

PCD Recommended Applications

Work Piece Material Work Piece condition SFM IPR D.O.C WWSA Recommendation
Aluminum Alloys 4-8%Si N/A 3000-10000 0.004-0.025 0.120" WPCD2/WPCD5/WPCD10
Aluminum Alloys 9-14%Si N/A 2000-8000 0.004-0.025 0.120" WPCD10/WPCD5S/WPCD10S
Aluminum Alloys 15-18% Si N/A 1000-2300 0.004-0.015 0.120" WPCD10/WPCD25/WPCD10S
Copper Alloy N/A 2800-3300 0.003-0.011 0.120" WPCD5/WPCD5S/WPCD10S
Hard Plastics N/A 2800-3300 0.003-0.014 0.080" WPCD10/WPCD5S/WPCD10S
Wood / Wood Composites N/A 12000-13000 0.004-0.015 WPCD10/WPC10S/WPCD25
Tungsten Carbide N/A 30-70 0.003-0.008 0.030" WPCD45/WPCD10S/WPCD25
Reinforced Plastics N/A 2800-3300 0.015 0.080" WPCD25/WPCD10S/WPCD45

WPCD Applications